21st March 2016

Boudoir Photography Through The Ages – 1920’s Moulin Rouge Style!

Loving Boudoir photography and what it can do for my clients is why I specialise in it. There is a pre-conceived idea about the word Boudoir and I am writing this series of Blogs to take you all on a journey of Boudoir Through The Ages to help to show how amazingly versatile, classy and empowering Boudoir Photography is!


The Competition…

To demonstrate this from a photography point of view, I decided to run a competition locally in Surrey to all women that wanted the opportunity of getting a Complimentary Boudoir Photoshoot. I explained that the series would be taking people through the ages and eras of Boudoir, transforming them from their day to day look into a throw back from some of the key eras in Boudoir. All they had to do to be in with a chance was to apply to me with Why they feel they would like to participate, which era they would like to be tranformed into and to send me up to 3 photographs of themselves.

I was overwhelmed with the response and painstakingly looked through all of the images and read all of the stories from entrants. I made my selection based on their answers, then once I had a short list of those, I selected based on their photographs as to how I could help transform them.

I arranged three separate shoot dates and there would be two Era’s covered each day. With an amazing team of Hair and Make Up artists, a fabulous venue at Hotel de Vie in Farnham, and loads of wonderful props and garments from fabulous local suppliers, the shoot came together!


The History of Boudoir…

So, first I take you back to the 1920’s – an amazing Era.

Boudoir Photography began in around 1890, the first photographic Boudoir album was released in France. It was highly taboo and illegal – it was thought of as pornographic! The first postcard featuring Boudoir Photography was released in France in 1900, but all material had to be sold in secret in shops throughout Paris. They immediately became Collectors items, which were hugely sought after and very low in editions printed. This initial style of Boudoir was more often than not nude ladies and often in groups.

The 1920’s arrived and Boudoir Art & Photography really started to emerge in public and was seen as an exquisite art form. Photographers used romantic settings with ornate backdrops. If a photographer was caught taking or selling photos however, they were still heavily fined and even in some cases arrested.


Albert Arthur Allen was a well reputed Boudoir Photographer of this era and his prints sell for $’000’s today! He was a Frenchman who lived in San Francisco and despite having been arrested numerous times for his Boudoir Photography, he continued and was determined to make a name for himself and Boudoir. His style was far more focused on ladies with a fuller figure as he felt they oozed the most natural sexiness!!! What a man!!!

The magazine Vanity Fair was on the streets at this time and was influencing fashion and stimulating men’s desire for women far more openly!

Pearls and jewellery featured heavily in most of the famous Boudoir shots of this era along with headpieces and lace and silk. The shots of this era were far more subtle than earlier years which made them all the more sexy. There were more shots of women alone rather than in previous years.


Our Competition Winner – The Fabulous Leanne…

My favourite look from that Era is Moulin Rouge and I feel depicts those times perfectly; sexy, fun, elegant and thoroughly dramatic! The model that I chose for this Era is Leanne, who had been through a really tough time and deserved this shoot thoroughly. Here’s Leanne’s story, in her own words:

“I went through a very tough year last year as I spent most of my time in court and speaking to police about a violent partner who had abused me mentally and physically. Saying things like I’d never be good enough for anyone and I should be lucky he was with me. Until one day I woke up and had had enough of the abuse and went to the police. I just felt like I needed to have a confidence boost after all the things I had been through.”

After the shoot, she wrote “This was most definitely a present to myself at first! Then I saw the images and thought my partner would like them! He’s not only been my rock through last year but still continues to be with my anxiety and depression” I’m sure you’ll agree, she looks simply stunning.


“I had such an amazing time and can’t stop telling friends about how they should do it and how amazing it was! I most definitely would do it again, within a flash! Ginny is such a warm and loving person who just makes you feel so confident from the word go. If like me you’re not exactly a model then she will guide you and help you to look your best.”


It just goes to show that a Boudoir photo shoot can really boost your confidence if you’ve been going through a hard time, and is such a nice treat for yourself.

If you’ve been through a rough time and need a bit of pampering then get in touch for a full price list and availability! If you’ve got a special occasion in mind, make sure you book well in advance – it usually takes 4-8 weeks from shoot to finished product.

Or just give me a call on the number below – I’m always happy to talk Boudoir!

Many thanks for reading; Here is the link for our next Blog in our Boudoir Photography Through The Ages series – 30’s Hollywood Glamour! Check out our fab suppliers below…

Ginny x


Hair and Make UpSophie Pierson pierson.makeup@gmail.com
VenueHotel De Vie mailbox@hoteldevie.com
Pearl Jewellery & lace headpiece: Sam – Bella Rox – bella.rox@hotmail.co.uk
Silver Jewellery – Helen – Stella & Dot – helen.norgate@gmail.com
Petticoat: Tanya – Doris Designs – tania@dorisdesigns.co.uk
Corsets, feather burlesque fan & Gatsby sparkly headpiece: Ebay

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