25th August 2017

How to choose the perfect wedding photographer

Are you a bit baffled with all the info from wedding photographers out there?

How do you choose?

Countless times, I receive an email asking for my packages and prices. I will always return the email quickly knowing in my head, I am not the only photographer being contacted. This is good, because it’s so important to meet with a few photographers to know you’ve chosen the right one.

Choosing your photographer is tough. What style do I like? How much do they charge? Do I get along with them? What do I get after? Are there any hidden costs?

Every question you ask, must be answered correctly to your personal preference otherwise, keep on hunting.

From experience I have listed below what I believe is the most important Wedding photography tips in descending order.

Top Questions to ask:

the perfect wedding photographer

Do you like their style?

If so, are they posed or natural? Natural can also be posed so if there is something in particular you have seen or would like to try then please ask the photographer what this involves. Some have to be timed perfectly or set up, which can take time. Are you happy to spend a little more time away from your guests, putting 20-40 minutes aside for bride and Groom photographs, or would you rather document the day as it is, and join in creating the natural smiles, tears and laughter?


Perfect wedding photographer

Do you like the photographer?

It’s tough to read each other over email so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and arrange to have a coffee (either in person or via Skype). Then you can find out whether you get along and will feel at ease with one another on the day. When you feel comfortable with the photographer, you won’t notice them and they will capture you being yourself, not awkward and aware of the camera.


Perfect Wedding Photographer

Price… You get what you pay for!

Of course, price comes into it and if you have a set budget (like most do) then this may need to be higher up the list. The thing you have to remember is…

Generally, you get what you paid for!!

But my personal opinion is, if your wedding photography is really important to you, don’t go for the cheaper option if you prefer the more expensive one. You just have to find ways to save money on other things that people won’t remember or won’t last… memories and the photographs are what you will have for the rest of your life. You will be so glad you spent more on your photography when it’s time to show your kids and Grandchildren 😉

Check their reviews.

You’d check it for hotels so why not a photographer? Check their Facebook, google reviews, website reviews etc. Check to see if they are recommended by other suppliers.

Wedding Industry awards are also a good way to find suppliers who are great with customer service. I’ve been shortlisted as a regional finalist in The Wedding Industry Awards for two years running.

Perfect Wedding Photographer

Know what you want and what you are getting right from the beginning.

Tell them what you want. Ask them for a quote and what is included. Is it the bridal/groom prep all the way up to the first dance or just the ceremony? How many photographs will you receive and in what format? How long does it take to edit them? Will you receive them in colour and black and white? What happens if time runs over (happens a lot) their departure time? Do they charge more? Will you have an album?

Here is an Infographic of my Wedding photography tips / checklist I made to help summarise:

The perfect wedding photographer

Check their terms and conditions before booking.

You want to know what is non refundable, what are the payment dates, what happens if they cancel or are ill on the day and will your photographs be used elsewhere etc? You don’t want any nasty surprises on the day or after.


Hopefully by now you will be happy with your choice and will get the best photographs that will suit you and your day.

Many thanks for checking out my Wedding photography tips! Are you planning on getting married at a venue (or another venue!) in Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, or West Sussex. Please Contact Me for a quote and to check my availability before it’s too late!

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Thanks so much for taking the time to read this Blog.

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