21st December 2017

Behind the Scenes of the new GMP portrait studio!

Portrait Studio in Farnham, Surrey, UK

I hope you enjoyed my little video showing you around in person. I’m very excited to share with you the new GMP Studio and headquarters 🙂 I have moved from my Farnham town centre office, to my portrait studio, located in a lovely residential area in Farnham, Surrey.

Here’s a bit of background…

The studio used to be a very multifunctional dirty garage, complete with a car in it (it’s based at my house in a separate annex). I’m very lucky that I got the opportunity to transform it and turn it into my studio (with the help of my Dad – my handyman!) 🙂

The main part of the house is over 300 years old and I’m proud to call it my home. It’s so nice to be able to walk across the drive to work in the mornings! Especially without lugging a load of equipment into town and back every day (luckily I also have Farnham Park within short walking distance!).

What we do here – ‘Gorgeous You’ Photo Shoots!

At my portrait studio, I do all sorts of confidence-boosting portrait shoots from Commercial Headshots and Personal Branding to Boudoir and Gorgeous You shoots. I have a projector so that when you come to view your fabulous pictures you can see them nice and big on the wall. As I like to make it an occasion when you see them for the first time. We have a cute little kitchenette so you can have whatever tipple you fancy when you’re here, while you get comfy and lounge on my ornate Chaise Longue!

Some of our portrait shoots take place at our GMP studio in Farnham. Or alternatively, I can come out to a location of your choice (obviously I’m out when shooting weddings!).

Ginny Marsh Photography Studio | Surrey Portrait Photographer

The whole point of our Gorgeous You shoots are to show you that even YOU could look like a glamorous model. I’ll not only take stunning pictures of you but also coach you on how to feel more confident. I can show you tricks and flattering poses for when your friends might snap a few pictures of you with their iPhone. ☺

You’ll soon feel like the queen you’re born to be. You don’t have to have any experience? I’ll show you what poses make your legs look longer… What your ‘good side’ on your face is… As well as how your tummy is no-problem AT ALL!

Ginny Marsh Photography Studio | Surrey Portrait Photographer

This is where the magic happens behind the scenes…

We spend hours editing and retouching our gorgeous shoots and weddings in our little office!
Ginny Marsh Photography Studio | Surrey Portrait Photographer

We look forward to doing plenty of shoots here at the GMP Studio – we can’t wait!

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more or book a portrait shoot – info@ginnymarsh.co.uk / 01252 856937

We’d love to hear from you!

Ginny x

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