19th November 2013

Boudoir Party with Ginny Marsh Photography

I recently did a fabulous boudoir party for four lovely ladies as part of a birthday celebration, which took place at Hotel de Vie in Farnham, Surrey.

The girls arrived late afternoon to get their hair and makeup done by the lovely Catherine Edwards and her assistant. The host (birthday girl) got a full professional hair and makeover, whilst the others got mini hair and makeovers each. Then, once we’d opened a bottle of bubbly and all talked about what to wear (everyone had brought a few outfits so we decided on which would look best), each of the girls had about half an hour with me to create some fabulous boudoir images. Here’s just a few that they’ve very kindly allowed me to show everyone ­čÖé

EF-5929 EF-6020 EF-6131bw EF-6233 EF-6335

The girls said they had so much fun and absolutely loved the images!

“My photos look amazing┬áthank you so much. I had such a great birthday doing that! It was really unique… I can look back at that those photos at anytime and feel great about myself.”

If you’re thinking of having a boudoir party┬áwith your girlfriends for a special occasion, such as a Hen Do or birthday, please get in touch for a quote ­čÖé

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Thanks, Ginny x

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