15th March 2018

Claire’s Fun and Empowering Gorgeous You Photoshoot

Claire wanted a special glamorous shoot to show how fabulous she is…

Hair and makeup transformation | Ginny Marsh Photography

I recently posted a model call on facebook asking if anyone would like to do a boudoir or Gorgeous You shoot in my new photography studio based in Farnham, Surrey… Through the power of social media and people sharing the post, Claire saw it and got in contact straight away which was fab!Gorgeous You Photoshoot, Farnham Surrey

Claire recently lost over an incredible stone and a half and really wanted to have the new her photographed! She is 45 and wanted to celebrate it with a motivational photo shoot! I was so sad to hear Claire say that she always ended up looking unglamorous and like a beached whale in all her photographs, which I didn’t believe! However, I know that many women do feel this way about photographs taken of them and I wanted to show Claire that she looks amazing and also give her some posing tips for the future.

Claire loved the sixties and said that this was such a great time in her life, so she wanted to do a 60’s style shoot and I think this look suited her perfectly.

Why inspirational tops are a great gift for YOU…

Gorgeous You Photoshoot, Farnham Surrey

Claire had the genius idea of bringing in a couple of motivational t-shirts for her shoot, so she could hang the images on her wall and literally be inspired every time she sees herself!!

I think this is such a great idea and something all my clients should consider when booking a Gorgeous You shoot! I’ve even bought some myself 🙂

Claire’s tops are from Om & Ah London.

We have all realised that feminist t-shirts have been everywhere ever since Dior sent their models down the spring/summer 2017 runway. They were all wearing tops emblazoned with the statement: “WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS”. And especially with International Women’s Day last week I think these are such a great fashion statement and help show your support for women all over the world. However, you don’t have to get a specifically feminist top if they don’t appeal to you. Inspirational quotes on tops are such a lovely idea and can help showcase your personality in your own unique way!

Claire kindly allowed us to share some of her images…

Gorgeous You Photoshoot, Farnham Surrey Gorgeous You Photoshoot, Farnham Surrey Gorgeous You Photoshoot, Farnham Surrey Gorgeous You Photoshoot, Farnham Surrey Gorgeous You Photoshoot, Farnham Surrey

Hair and Makeup by Catherine from Natasha Wiggins: www.nwmake-up.co.uk 

Are you thinking of booking a boudoir or Gorgeous You session for yourself? Or are you looking to book a Gorgeous You photoshoot as a birthday present for your loved one? Get in touch for prices and availability! You’ll be so glad you did!! ☺

Remember, if you’re thinking of booking a Gorgeous You photoshoot for a special occasion, like a wedding or birthday/anniversary. Your Gorgeous You photoshoot will need to be booked in for roughly 4-8 weeks before you need the images. This depends on whether you want an album or just digital images, as it can take a while for production.

Many thanks,

Ginny x

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