29th May 2018

Meet the first from my new Dream Team: our Wardrobe Stylist, Jo, from Sparkling Ginger

Find out how Jo from Sparkling Ginger can help you look like a more stylish ‘you’…

Wardrobe stylist Jo from Sparkling Ginger | Ginny Marsh Photography

We all know that the clothing you wear tells people about your personality, and we use it as a way to show others who we are. Yet so often we hide behind boring clothes and are scared to wear colour and show off our figures. Not only this but often we don’t know what body shape we are and what suits us most.

Well, Sparkling Ginger was created to give you the confidence to develop your style, wear colours that you love and that suit you. Reflecting your own individuality no matter what shape or size you are. Sparkling Ginger will help bring out your inner shine, confidence, and help you leave a little bit of your own sparkle, wherever you go.

I’m so excited to be working with Jo so that if you book a shoot with me she can help make you look your best!

This is what Jo says…

Guest Blog from Jo from Sparkling Ginger(image from www.style-bay.com)

Be a Helena Bonham Carter in a World of Kardashians.

We all know the saying ‘be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons’ well this is the same.

We spend our youth trying to fit in, trying to look the same as everyone else but as we get older we switch to wanting our own identity. You don’t have to stand out in a crowd in an elaborate outfit to do this, but nailing down your own style is so important for our own personal confidence.

Love her style or hate it…

Guest Blog from Jo from Sparkling Ginger(Image from www.style-bay.com)

Helena has a style and she sticks to it. Her key look is always Creative, Bohemian and Eccentric. You would never see her in a white, round neck t-shirt and bootleg jeans. Her identity is created around her look and we recognise her by it.

But you’re not her. I’m not her. My own style rules and things that I always take into consideration are that my clothing has to be Fun, Creative with Colour and Comfortable. My fabrics need to move so personally I also opt for jerseys and soft fabrics. I feel trapped if I put on a stiff, crisp shirt.

A style session isn’t about my style rules or making you look like me or Helena.

A style session is about YOU!

  • Your body shape: what necklines suit you, what clothes shapes flatter your figure and bring out the best of you
  • Your personality: Your likes, your dislikes, your lifestyle
  • Drawing out your own style: you may love romantic frills or prefer simple clean lines.

So now I think about it, don’t be a Kardashian or a Helena…be unique and be you!

Wardrobe stylist Jo from Sparkling Ginger | Ginny Marsh Photography

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you are ready to be fabulous in your own way and this blog helped you to embrace you and your body shape!

If you want to find out more about styling and how to dress for your body style then get in contact with Jo from Sparkling Ginger via her website here: www.sparkling-ginger.co.uk

Or alternatively, you can do so via her email address: Jo@sparkling-ginger.co.uk

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