13th February 2018

Empowering Boudoir Photoshoot to help overcome personal troubles

You’re worth it and You’re definitely not alone…

Over the years I’ve heard absolutely every excuse for why people put off getting professional photos taken. I’ve heard everyone tell me they are nervous, and they think they’ll look terrible, and that’s completely normal. It’s out of most people’s comfort zones.

But it’s time to show yourself and everyone else that you’re worth it!! You should celebrate being the best YOU.

Because this world needs more positive, confident, empowered women! If you’ve overcome something or someone, or just want to show the world that you’re beautiful… even if society doesn’t class you as stereotypically “beautiful”.

We are all beautiful in our own way and I LOVE to photograph every kind of beautiful 🙂

Nobody is born with the gift of being photographed. If you say you’re the worst, I promise I was worse!!! BUT practice makes perfect 🙂 Sometimes you just have to face your fear and HAVE FUN with it!

Is your weight holding your confidence back?

This is Cat, who has always had an issue with her weight and has been on a diet most of her life. She wanted to do a boudoir shoot because this is one of the steps she wanted to take to learn to love her body. Cat got involved with ‘the Body Positive Movement’, which teaches people how to overcome conflicts with their bodies so they can lead happier, more productive lives.

“During your shoot just remember to go with it and have fun! No one but you and Ginny know what is taking place in that room and no one has to see the images but you. I have no regrets!”

This is Sarah, who really deserved a confidence boost… she told me she’s lost a whopping 8 STONE, which is a massive achievement!! Unfortunately, she was really conscious of the way she looked still because there’s been such a drastic change. I LOVED her tattoos and knew she would look stunning!

“I felt that I wanted to be seen differently after being hugely overweight and losing 8 stone. I’ve never felt sexy or desirable so I thought this would help me. Personally, I definitely wanted to do it as a confidence boost. After spending the past year of my life in gym clothes it was nice to dress up!”

Think you’re too old?

I have various women tell me they’d love to do a boudoir shoot but they feel like they’re far too old and nobody wants to see them like that… Rubbish! You’re only as old as you feel and you don’t even have to show or tell anyone so there’s nothing to lose. These images can be solely for you, noone else. They will show you that age is just a number and you really are fabulous… You can be any age, any size, and still look amazing and sexy.

Take a look at Maureen, She’s 51 and a size 18, and she looks absolutely amazing!!! She wanted to prove to her partner that she still “had it” and wasn’t too old to do an empowering photo shoot. She certainly showed him!!

“I felt at ease, you made me feel confident sexy and glamorous.
The location was brilliant, I was very fortunate to have had a choice of three rooms which were available on the day. The make up lady was brilliant too, she made me look natural.
I would recommend anyone to do the boudoir photo shoot it’s lovely. I had an amazing day and if you’re not confident, after the shoot you will be – doesn’t matter what size or shape you are – be happy within yourself and that’s what this has done for me”

Don’t feel beautiful because of a Disability?

This is Mrs B who had a boudoir shoot with me as a gift for her husband (and herself). She is completely blind, which meant, unfortunately, she wouldn’t get to see her images for herself, but luckily her amazing husband would be able to tell her how amazing and gorgeous she looks.

“I thought this photoshoot would be nerve racking, however Ginny made me feel at ease because she has such a warm and friendly personality, it felt like I had known her for many years! During the photoshoot, Ginny made me realise that I am beautiful and sexy and that there are ways to show off your assets and hide the bits you hate. I really enjoyed the boudoir photoshoot and I’m glad my husband gave me this experience as my wedding present to build up my confidence which Ginny has done very well. My husband’s wedding present is the gorgeous photos of his new wife in sexy lingerie! I hope this will inspire other ladies not only in my position but anyone who has a disability. As well as anyone who needs a boost in confidence, everyone is beautiful and I believe this is an amazing way to show that beauty, whether it be for a present to your other half or just a special treat for yourself.”

Children taking over your “Me Time”…?

They say, once you have children all time for yourself flies straight out of the window and sometimes sadly along with your self-confidence. Well, this is no excuse! Here is your chance you get pampered, spoilt and shown that you are still the same fabulous woman as before.

This is Monika, she has 3 children and wanted to take back some time for herself and let her hair down!

“I loved the experience, being a mum to 3 young kids, I don’t get pampered very often at all. So the whole thing, makeup, hair, photoshoot in a beautiful setting was just an amazing treat. I would love to do it again. It’s a perfect gift for an anniversary!”

Self-Confidence left at zero from an abusive partner…?

Sometimes your lack of self-confidence has nothing to do with you and unfortunately, things aren’t always as they first seem. If this is the case for you, then having a boudoir or Gorgeous You shoot will help you reconnect with yourself and give you a much-needed confidence boost.

This is Leanne, who had been through a really tough time and deserved this shoot thoroughly. I’m so pleased she came to me and I’m so proud of her for investing in herself and being a strong, confident woman. Here’s Leanne’s story, in her own words:

“I went through a very tough year last year as I spent most of my time in court and speaking to police about a violent partner who had abused me mentally and physically. Saying things like I’d never be good enough for anyone and I should be lucky he was with me. Until one day I woke up and had had enough of the abuse and went to the police. I just felt like I needed to have a confidence boost after all the things I had been through.”

What to do next…

A Boudoir photoshoot can really boost your confidence! Especially if you’ve been going through a tough time… It can be a nice treat and reward for yourself if you’ve reached a goal. I want to say how THANKFUL, I am to these amazing, strong women who have shared their stories with me and let me share them with you!

If you’re in need a bit of pampering then get in touch for more info and to check availability! If you’ve got a special occasion in mind, make sure you book well in advance, as it usually takes 4-8 weeks from shoot to finished product.

Please get in touch HERE. I’m always happy to talk Boudoir!

Ginny x

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