21st September 2017

Inspiration for the Perfect Wedding Table Centrepieces

Do you need some inspiration of centrepieces to decorate your wedding tables?

A large part of planning the perfect wedding comes down to planning the perfect wedding reception that matches your theme and you and your partner’s character.

Obviously, the ceremony itself is the star of the day, but the reception is the much anticipated after party and that’s normally when the real celebrations take place!

When couples plan their wedding reception a great deal of attention is spent on the food and entertainment. But your decorations play a large part in setting the stage for a memorable wedding reception. It’s easy to overlook those little things that can help to add a distinctive touch to your own wedding celebration when you’ve got so much else to think about.

Table settings, linens, and floral arrangements all help to create the desired party atmosphere, but one place couples can really make their mark is in their choice of wedding table centrepieces. I love it when lots of thought goes into it!

Here are some inspirations from different themes to help you choose which suits you best…

Seasonal Weddings…

Sumptuous Winter

Are you planning on having a winter wedding? How about this cosy and warm style of centrepiece from a styled wedding shoot at The Mill at Elstead? The warm colours and candles help it feel cosy and dramatic when it’s not so warm outside. Have you thought about how to display the table numbers? Well, how about this feathered numbering to really set the design off.

Looks a bit too amazing to do yourself, huh? Contact Lyn from Lily-Marie Weddings & Events, who can help organise this for you!

How to choose the perfect wedding centre pieces

DIY Autumn

Or what about an autumnal theme? Take a look at these pictures from Jen and Kim’s alternative autumn wedding. They cleverly took all aspects of autumn and combined them including different autumn plants and vegetables.

Jen made it all herself, and saved up corks, beer bottle tops, jam jars and even Golden Syrup tins! Look at their unique idea for name card holders as well! If you want to find out more about this wedding and their theme, read their blog HERE

Fancy a sweet treat…

Can’t think of a theme that represents you both perfectly? Well, what about thinking outside of the box… Do you both have a sweet tooth? How about having a biscuit themed wedding? Why not combine your favourite treats as decorations and as a pick and mix dessert option for your guests…

Take a look at some of the centrepiece treats from Fee and Adam’s wedding. Their gorgeous flowers were from Hannah Berry. If you want to find out more about their wedding have a look HERE.

Avengers Assemble…

Both love superheroes and want to make your day action-packed but in a fun way? What about incorporating hidden Lego characters as part of your decorations? This way you can still have more traditional decorations but you can put your own personal twist on them…

I love this alternative theme as it’s fun and creative but still subtle and classic. Take a look at some inspiration below from Karen and Matt’s DIY wedding… And if you want to find out more about their seaside wedding click HERE.

A Floral Affair…

Maybe a more classic theme of centrepieces is right up your street? How about classic floral bouquets as centrepieces for your wedding decor…

Tip: the colours of the flowers and vases should match the surroundings, whether it is the room, the colour scheme of the wedding party, or anything else. It’s a chance for everyone at the tables to truly feel part of the wedding.

Mischief Managed…

A more magical theme for you and your partner’s big day? Well, how about finding lots of different objects that match your theme? Look at these Harry Potter themed table centrepieces from Emily and Ben’s Wedding, put together by Linen & Lace.

These are so cute and show that every table doesn’t have to be exactly the same. For more inspiration from their wedding take a look at their Wedding Blog HERE.

How to choose the perfect wedding centre pieces

Red, The colour of Love…

Don’t have a theme, so much as a colour scheme? Well, how about this gorgeous classical Red colour scheme from Darren and Nicolette’s Farnham Castle Wedding. As you can see they had a really simple design for their centrepieces of a single rose on a bed of beads for the guest’s tables, then for the top table they chose to have 3 Red roses suspended in water in tall vases at either end of each side.

A simple but beautiful design that doesn’t cost the earth! Read more about their castle wedding HERE.

How to choose the perfect wedding centre pieces

Ivory a classical colour…

Ivory is a very classical Wedding colour, which adds a sense of luxury but can look really elegant mixed in with hints of other colours. This is what Claire and Jake did, by adding hints of dusky pink to accompany it perfectly. And to make it even better, for this colour you can get so many different centrepieces ranging from flowers to vintage accessories, so you can make this colour scheme more personal with your choice of table centrepieces.

These gorgeous flowers and decorations are from Lilys Flowers

The Good Old Days…

Both love old movies? Well, how about these 1980’s movie-themed wedding centrepieces from Rowena and Tim’s wedding at The Runnymede-on-Thames Hotel. Every table can be a different movie classic and it’s a great talking point for those sitting around; which one is the most classic film?

You can mix and match all the different aspects of the cinema for each table; every table being a different must-have for going to the cinema… If you want to explore this theme more, then read their blog HERE.

Rustic Barn Wedding…

If you love the warmth and simplicity of rustic décor, then take a look at these pictures from Anna and Floyd’s rustic festival styled wedding at Mellow Farm in Surrey.

If you want to create simplistic and country themed wedding centrepieces then you can’t go wrong with a bit of hessian and different sized mason jars! How about the vintage framed table numbers to add that extra bit of wow to your tables (which you can then fill with wedding photos afterwards!). I also love the little cut-out hearts – you can buy a heart-shaped hole punch and cut out hearts to make table confetti!

And what’s better to kick off the party than giving everyone a shot in a personalised shot glass! If you want to see some more inspiration from this wedding then look HERE.

Many thanks for checking out my wedding centrepiece inspiration and tips!

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