9th May 2016

Natural, Relaxed, Environmental Portraits & Commercial Headshots by Ginny Marsh Photography | Surrey

Do you want a professional portrait that shows off you and your personality or brand?

Is the studio look not quite what you’re after?

I love to create really natural, relaxed, character and environmental portraits of people.

It could be for social media, a business website, marketing material, a dating website, or just to show off you and/or your brand…

professional relaxed commercial portraits

When you book a portrait session with me, we’ll firstly discuss what you’re aiming for, where you want to use the image, and what you want it to say about you.

If you’re using it to promote your business or brand, it’s important to think about what you want in the background. I come to you, to a location which represents / reflects you (would need to be within 20 miles of Farnham, Surrey). It can be against a plain wall in front of natural window light, and simply be about you and your personality, or it can be in a location to do with your business, such as an office environment or landscape, to give a hint of what you do or what’s important to you. It can even be about your hobbies! It depends what you want to use it for.

character business portrait

I know most people hate having their portraits taken

(me especially!) so I will get you to relax in front of the camera, and talk to you to take your mind off the camera and onto you and your personality, which will result in a really natural, relaxed photo!

Natural commercial headshot

Portrait sessions with me start from £150 for 1 person.

Please get in touch and I will provide a quote and confirm availability. It would help if I know the following:

  • The number of people needing photos
  • Your location
  • Website address (if applicable)
  • If you require a professional hair & makeup artist
  • Date you need the images by (if applicable)

If you’re not completely satisfied I’ll even give you your money back! What’s there to lose? I’d love to hear from you 🙂

natural commercial headshots surrey

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