1st May 2018

Promoting Body-Positivity – what is the movement and why is everyone raving about it?

Do you need to work on your Body Positivity?

The body positivity movement is all about creating a world in which people except and respect everyone’s unique identities. As well as individuals being free from self-hatred so that you can better focus on making positive changes in your life and others.

What is Body Positivity?

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With its hashtags and social media- ready attitude, body positivity may seem to all of us like a modern idea. However, it’s definitely not! The constant and pressing fight for the freedom and voice to love our bodies is much older than social media. In fact, we’ve been confronting ideas about the “correct” way to treat and be seen in bodies from day 1.

These fights as you can imagine haven’t always been about the same things. Currently, the modern body positivity movement focuses on trying to expand our ideas of beauty to include people of all different gender identities, races, sizes, ages, and abilities. The many activists in other generations had different priorities, for example, fighting for the right to wear clothing.

Fighting the Shamers

It wasn’t until the mid 20th century that the focus began to shift from styles of fashion to fat shaming. The current body positivity movement started with the activism of the late 1960s. Instead of challenging the argument that all bodies are beautiful, people at the time were solely focusing on the rights of the larger population. Obviously, at the time it wasn’t Instagram likes or fashionable clothes for all sizes that they were fighting for, but tolerance from medical establishments that mistreated and ignored them.

Body Positivity for all!

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With the help and support of the internet, enabling people from all different backgrounds to connect over the same matter. Whether it’s size, race, gender or sexuality. Size and weight activism began to shift from a niche movement to mainstream platform. Priorities began to shift throughout this change. Today’s body-positive fight recognises that size is one of the many ways that our bodies are judged and scrutinised. So it’s now working towards fighting, not just for size acceptance, but racial justice, trans and queer inclusivity, and disabled rights as well.

What to do next…

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